Once there were about 25-30 million Amazigh tribes in North Africa, most of them are living in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia ,Libia. Smaller Amazigh-speaking populations are also found in Maurituania, Burkina Faso, Egypt.  Berber was a name given by other non- nomad populations of the world to recognise them.

Most of the Amazigh tribes were matriarchal, later the areas were they lived got mostly conquered by Islam,  some the berber women kept weaving carpet until today.


Beni Ourain Carpets

One of the most popular carpets in the West is called the Beni Ourain which is made of 100% sheep’s wool and comes from the region of the Middle Atlas between Khenifra and Taza. Beni is an Arabic word that translates to ‘son of’ or people/tribe/kin, the tribes always lived in proximity and their designs are somewhat similar with subtle differences in design elements and color. The base of Beni Ourain carpet is mostly a light shade of cream or white - the natural colour of the wool used - then woven with brightly tinted wool coloured by the regional flora.


Azilal Carpets.

Azilal rugs often tell stories through their use of bold colours and patterns. Originating from the high Atlas mountains, these sought-after creations are single-knotted, and woven in wool with intricate patterns and symbolism.


 Boujad Carpets.

Boujad region rugs most often appear in warm red, pink and orange hues. They are created with the typical knotting techniques practiced by Berber tribes - but with the knot being pulled tighter, the rugs require less wool. This enables the weaver to create the intricate geometric patterns that Boujad rugs are famous for.

The colours are created by natural dyes - from flowers, berries, leaves and henna. 


Bachelite Carpets.

Kilim rugs are a startling contrast, and can be found adorning the tents of Berber tribes in the desert. The rugs are completely pileless and flatwoven, making them lightweight and more easily transportable and they are made with any type of fabric -made with scraps and old clothes.

These thinner rugs lend themselves to hotter climes, and can be used to create a carpet that fills an entire room’s floor space.


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