Khadi cloth

Khadi cloth

Khadi means Khaddar
Hand spun and hand woven clothes
Made out of cotton
Also includes silk and wool
It’s a versatile fabric
Cool in summer, warm in winter
And widely accepted in fashion circles.
It’s not only a cloth
But it’s the icon of the swadeshi movement
The movement of self-reliant
And better economy

Khadi is eco friendly green
It provides food for the spinners
Cotton silk and wool and organic growers farmers get money
It has a zero carbon foot print
For processing one meter of khadi
The process needs 0.3 L of water,
As against 56 litres in the mill.
✨This is the simple white magic of organicity ✨

from our veda collection

The first piece of the hand-woven cloth was manufactured in the Sabarmati Ashram during 1917–18. The coarseness of the cloth led Gandhi to call it khadi. The cloth is made from cotton, but it may also include silk or wool, which are all spun into yarn on a charkha.

The fabric is known for its rugged texture, comfortable feel and ability to keep people warm in winter while keeping them cool during the summer.

khadi is manufactured in two steps: converting the fiber into yarn using tools like spinning wheels (Charkha) and then weaving the yarn into fabric using looms.


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