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Nomad travel bag

Nomad travel bag

Nomad bag can be used every day as a really capacious bag or as a weekends/ long-weeks ends travel bag. At the center of each bag there is a berber carpet, each one is a unique piece.

The pure wool threads used to hand weave the traditional carpets made in the Amazigh tradition by women are hand spun and weaved on a traditional moroccan loom. The dyes used to paint the carpets are natural and locally produced and used. Weavign the carpets berber women tell te stories of the lifes and their future wishes. the symbol are the same since more that 3000 years .

The bag measures 43cm x 33cm x 21cm..

Tamazingh population are minor ethnicities that still inhabit the atlas mountain and the Sahara.
Leather and carpets oddments are hand made and dyed using the same processes of production of 1000 years ago in the Chouara tannery in Morocco.


Each bag is unique as the woman that weaved the carpet and that will wear it.

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